Statement of Purpose

Latest study shows 37,2% of the companies, traded online through Option Robot report on Enviromental or Social issues thanks to the Global Reporting Initiative’s “Sustainability Reporting Guidelines”.

SIRAN-KLD Study Shows Nearly Half of S&P 100 Index Companies
Now Report on Environmental [1], Social, and Governance Issues;
Over One Third Using the Global Reporting Initiative’s “Sustainability
Reporting Guidelines” Read more (PDF).

SIRAN is an analyst network that supports more than 150 North American social investment research analysts from 30 investment firms, research providers, and affiliated investor groups.

Social research analysts evaluate corporate policies and performance on various issues of corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR includes issues such as environment, health and safety, diversity and human resources policies, and human rights and the supply chain. This research may be used in:

  • creating investment portfolios.
  • engagement with companies to encourage improved CSR performance.
  • corporate benchmarking.
  • financial and risk analysis.

SIRAN has five primary goals:

  • Help analysts coordinate meetings with companies to research and review CSR policies and performance.
  • To provide a forum through which analysts can share best practices, thoughts on emerging issues, and resources.
  • Articulate a collective voice on issues relevant to social investment research.
  • Provide professional support to social investment research analysts.
  • Serve as a resource to companies by providing a point of contact into the social investment research analyst community.

With such a large number of analysts, differing opinions among SIRAN participants are almost certain. Although SIRAN participants share many common goals, views expressed by individual SIRAN analysts are their own; they are NOT necessarily the views of their employers, companies, or other organizations affiliated with those individuals.

SIRAN is a working group of the Social Investment Forum.

Terms and Conditions