Comparing Virtual Business with Brick and Mortar Business

Comparing Virtual Business with Brick and Mortar Business

There is hardly any individual who does not want to do anything of their own or achieve a secure position for him or her in the industry they are a part of. No matter what you indulge in, business or service, you are bound to get into the rat race we all are a part of. However, it is definitely in our hands to decide which race we want to jump in and how to excel in it. This is why we have the power to decide what we want to do and how.

Those who wish to get into service choose the field of their choice and apply for jobs according to their qualifications. The people who are willing to start their own business get on their toes right away and start finding out what they should concentrate on and how to go about it. In this process, the first thing that always strikes their mind is- what kind of business should they start, a brick and mortar one or an online one? Well, let’s help you here and bring out the key differences between the two for your better understanding.

Brick and Mortar business

Some of the significant features of this kind of business include-

  • The biggest contribution of this type of business is in the marketing of your trade. As your office or showroom works as a marketing tool in itself, you get countless clients attracted towards your work immediately.


  • If you have a proper physical workplace, the legitimacy and reliability of your business increase


  • A feature that somewhere pinches the entrepreneurs is the establishment and running cost. As you have to hire employees, pay for electricity, buy furniture and other things, it adds up to your total expenditure.

Online Business

Few characteristics of the current trend- online business- are listed below-

  • The most attractive feature of this kind of business is that the start-up cost is not as much. At least you don’t need an infrastructure in the beginning while launching your business in the market. Yes, gradually when you start making a name in the market, then you might want to have a physical office.


  • The owners, as well as workers, have the benefit of working from home in this type of


  • One simple drawback of this particular business platform is that you have to put in a lot of effort in the marketing field. As there is no physical presence in the market, you have to come up with strong advertising ideas online to attract as many people towards your initiate as you can.


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