CSR Reporting Comparsion

SIRAN issued its first-ever analysis on the environmental and social reporting practices of companies in the S&P 100 Index in June 2005 and updated this analysis in June 2006 and most recently in April 2007.

10 years later we’ll release a new analysis, this time covering the whole decade. We’ll also include companies being traded with binary option robot as this type of trading emerges through the last couple of years.

For the 2006 and 2007 analysis, independent investment research firm KLD Research & Analytics, Inc. utilized SOCRATES, its proprietary research database, and conducted an independent review of the public websites of all S&P 100 companies to assess their disclosure of environmental, social and governance policies and performance to answer the following seven questions:

1. Company has separate CSR/Sustainability section of web-site?
2. Company has annual CSR/Sustainability Report?
3. Company references GRI in report?
4. Company has GRI content index?
5. Company report has goals and benchmarks?
6. Company is GRI Organizational Stakeholder?
7. Company report is GRI “In Accordance”?

Click below for press release summarizing the 2007 findings.

Click below for press release summarizing the 2006 findings.

Click below for press release summarizing the 2005 findings.

In the database below, orange circles indicate positive responses while grey circles indicate negative responses. We believe that higher numbers of orange circles for a company indicates a greater commitment to transparency and reporting.

Click on each company name for a specific profile of how that company’s reporting meets the seven questions we evaluated. We welcome any corrections or updates companies may have to the information provided here.