Division Of The Society Based on Bitcoin Usage

Division Of The Society Based on Bitcoin Usage

What is so unique about humans? Well for starters, we are all unique. Although some of them might exhibit similar traits and have similar preferences, every person is different in some way or the other. Hence, it is only natural for different people to respond to investment options differently. This article will categorize the social community based on their preference for Bitcoins and study what are the distinguishing characteristics of each group of persons.

Like with the introduction of any new thing, each will have four main classes – the hard-core lovers, the mediocre fans, the doubting Thomas’s, and the haters. Therefore, this article too will divide the Bitcoin community into four main groups and study their individual features.

  1. The Staunch Bitcoin Followers
  • This group consists of the overenthusiastic few who take time to advocate and spread the message on Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.
  • They have already reaped the benefits of Bitcoins and other similar cryptocurrencies and have embraced the benefits to the maximum possible extent.
  • Irrespective of fresh innovations, this group continues to remain loyal in investing their time and efforts towards Bitcoins.
  • They are completely entrenched in the working of the Bitcoin and its technology so much that they feel that it is the only accessible and only possible gateway for all their financial services.
  • This is especially for those who want a financial system that calls for no control from the government or central banks. Their only focus is on supply and demand.
  1. The Bitcoin Presenters and Preachers
  • This group consists of extremely passionate people who go on talking about Bitcoins, its technology, the benefits, and other features to anyone and everyone they meet subconsciously.
  • They try to convert the haters to lovers of Bitcoins in order to expand the Bitcoin community.
  • In addition to being the preachers advocating Bitcoins to others, they are also true believers of Bitcoins and hence walk the extra mile to engage an audience.
  • They never display the wrongdoings or challenges rather they only paint a picture that depicts possibilities and opportunities.
  • Although they spread the word on cryptocurrencies, they do not force anyone to join the community.
  • They not only preach but also present a very viable future for the outside community.


  1. The Bitcoin Trendsetters
  • This group consists of people who bring about new ideas that can be implemented to make the world a better place.
  • They present ideas related to how Bitcoins can ease things around us.
  • They are similar to entrepreneurs who create a platform for a sustainable Bitcoin future.
  • They are only concerned with the growth of Bitcoins and another untapped potential.
  1. The Bitcoin Haters
  • This group exists in all communities and not just in the Bitcoin community.
  • They point out all the Bitcoin loophole, flaws, disadvantages, weaknesses, and other major issues that Bitcoin throws.
  • The reason behind this group’s hatred is that Bitcoin is posing a threat and has the capability to destroy everything that this group of people has


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