FAQs On FinTech Ltd

FinTech Ltd is one of the most popular and sort after binary trading options in the trading industry. Although the software requires no previous knowledge or experience in trading, some basic introduction to the software will add value to your trading experience.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to get started with FinTech Ltd.

  1. What is it?

It is a fully automated software that automatically places trades on behalf of its users. It is based on binary trading options. You can read more about the FinTech LTD review here.

  1. Who developed:

It was developed by experienced trader Daniel Roberts.

  1. What is its basis?

This is based on a highly smart and advanced math algorithm that places trades on behalf of the user automatically by carefully analyzing the market for profitable situations.

  1. How safe is trading using FinTech Ltd?

This is a secure platform where trades can be placed safely without the fear of fraud, hackers, or any other interference.

  1. What are the advantages?

The software is free of cost and only requires its users to credit a minimum deposit of $250 as security, which can be later used while trading. Trading on this platform requires no service fee or monthly/annual maintenance fee. Additionally, you can trade on FinTech Ltd anytime you want, as it is open for trade 24×7. The software requires no download as it can be browsed directly by accessing the web.

  1. What are the different ways to access it?

The software can be accessed on all operating systems including Windows, Linux, and iOS. It can also be used on smartphones, thus allowing traders to trade even when they are traveling within or outside their home country. The only requirement to access the software is a good internet connection.

  1. What are the main highlights?
  • It is fully automated, hence suitable for those who are new to trading.
  • It promises maximum returns of about 97% and an average win ratio of about 85%.
  • It is accessible anytime and from anywhere around the globe.
  • There is a provision to carry out reverse trading as well.
  • Brokers on FinTech Ltd platform are highly regulated.
  • It allows users to customize the trade settings, thus giving full control over the type of trade placed to the users themselves.
  • Customised settings can also reduce or limit the risks involved.

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