Sustainability Statement

As our 10-year report is gonna be ready by the end of 2017, we should mention it is also going to include data for companies traded with the Orion Code online. The reason behind this is the growth of the binary options market in recent years and its’ impact on global trading.

SIRAN analysts have produced a joint Analyst Statement on Sustainability Reporting. This statement currently represents 23 investment firms with over $435 billion in assets under management to:

  • articulate common expectations for corporate reporting of social and environmental performance information.
  • provide answers to companies’ most frequent questions on reporting.
  • suggest ways companies can enhance the usefulness and credibility of their reports.

This statement encourages companies to produce annual sustainability reports and to use the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines to increase the credibility, comparability, and utility of this type of reporting.

In the statement analysts make the commitment that a company’s GRI report is the first place investors and research institutions will look for sustainability information. The statement also suggests that companies refer to the GRI’s reporting principles as they prepare reports, which include: transparency, inclusiveness, auditability, completeness, relevance, sustainability context, accuracy, neutrality, comparability, clarity, and timeliness.

For more background information, including a recording about the statement with GRI Chief Executive Ernst Ligteringen and Intel’s Director of Corporate Responsibility, Dave Stangis, please go to: