Understanding Binary Options And FOREX Trading


Those who want to enter the world of trading may find the process confusing and overwhelming sometimes. Two of the most popular methods trading options are binary options and FOREX trading.

What are binary options?

A binary option is a type of option, which is based on a yes or no proposition. Traders can choose to trade in currency, stocks, commodities, assets, etc.

The payoff is structured such that a trader can win a fixed compensation amount if the option expires in the money. In case the option expires out of the money the trader wins nothing at all. This is why binary options are also called all-or-nothing options.

What is FOREX trading?

FOREX is also called FX and stands for Foreign Exchange. The foreign exchange market is where currencies are traded.

Foreign trade and business cannot take place without the exchange of currency and hence it is considered to be the most liquid and biggest financial market in the world.

Differences between binary options and FOREX trading:

Both Millionaire Blueprint binary options and FOREX trading have their benefits and drawbacks. Here are some factors that set the two methods apart:

  • Ease of access:

When it comes to ease in the method of trading, binary options are the better choice among the two. Placing a trade is easy and simple and hence it is a preferred trading option especially for new traders. It is a four-step process and involves entering some information in each step.

On the other hand, FOREX trading can get complicated. New traders may find it to be an intimidating process. If a mistake takes place during trading with a live account, it could turn costly.

  • Risk factor:

When trading in binary options, traders are aware of the exact amount they stand to win or lose in each trade. Hence there is a lower risk involved and usually less money is lost.

There are plenty of resources to help traders in binary options trading today. The availability of auto-trading robots today can help newcomers, as they get more familiar in the world of investing online.

The outcomes in FOREX trading are difficult to predict and involves variable wins and losses. One would not know the maximum profit or loss that could take place in each trade. In fact, there is a possibility of losing the entire amount in the trading account in this type of trading.

One benefit of FOREX trading is the higher earning limit, which some investors may find lucrative.

  • Flexibility:

In binary options trading, traders cannot control when the trade will begin or end. Each option consists of a start time and end time. The trade will automatically close at the time of expiry.

FOREX trading offers far more flexibility. A trade can last for anything between one second to few months as the trader can open and close the trade as desired.


Choosing the format of trading would be a matter of personal preference. Whichever format one chooses, it is vital that one is comfortable to trade in it and it is suited to their specific needs.

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